Over Coffee Grande: Decisions

Mary watches the young woman get overwhelmed at the assortment of baked goods. “Having trouble?” she asks.

“What’s good here?”

“The chocolate mousse cake is a favorite of mine.” Mary points to the fluffy brown treat.

The woman caresses her stomach with unease. “Uh… okay.”

Mary buys a slice of cake and a cappuccino. They sit at a table for two under a sunny window. “The appointment went well?” she asks.

The woman struggles to balance a bit of cake on her fork as she takes a bite. “Yeah.” She hides her mouth as she chews.

“Take your time. Enjoy!” Sipping her drink, Mary surveys the cafe. A young boy catches her eye for a moment. “How far along are you now?”

The woman is quick to take another bite before answering, “Around 14 weeks.”

Savoring another sip of her cappuccino, Mary looks back at the woman. “You’re doing an amazing thing for me. I hope you know that.”

The woman nods but keeps her head low. She swallows hard.